Exceptionally good team with lawyers who are high-calibre across the board

Chambers and Partners

Banking and Finance

Hamilton’s Banking and Finance prac­tice has ex­ten­sive ex­pe­ri­ence in struc­tur­ing and im­ple­ment­ing var­i­ous fi­nanc­ing trans­ac­tions. The team al­so ad­vis­es in a wide range of fi­nan­cial mar­ket mat­ters. The prac­tice’s lawyers are en­gaged by Swedish and in­ter­na­tion­al banks as well as oth­er fi­nan­cial in­sti­tu­tions. Among the clients are al­so cred­it funds, cor­po­rates, re­al prop­er­ty com­pa­nies, in­vest­ment firms and pri­vate eq­ui­ty spon­sors, mu­tu­al funds, bro­ker­age com­pa­nies, se­cu­ri­ties ad­min­is­tra­tors, in­sur­ance and rein­sur­ance providers, in­sur­ance bro­kers and pay­ment in­sti­tu­tions. The lawyers in the bank­ing and fi­nance team pro­vide guid­ance in strate­gic and struc­tur­al is­sues as well as so­lu­tion-ori­ent­ed im­ple­men­ta­tion of trans­ac­tion and ad­vi­so­ry as­sign­ments.

Hamilton rep­re­sents and ad­vis­es clients in all types of fi­nanc­ing trans­ac­tions and fi­nan­cial mar­ket mat­ters, in­clud­ing:

  • Acquisition fi­nance
  • Property fi­nance
  • Financial re­struc­tur­ing
  • General lend­ing and re­fi­nanc­ing
  • Asset Finance, leas­ing and air­craft fi­nance
  • Export cred­its
  • Guarantees and se­cu­ri­ties
  • Bonds
  • Establishment, or ac­qui­si­tion of fi­nan­cial busi­ness­es
  • Other per­mit and reg­u­la­to­ry mat­tets
  • Cross-border ac­tiv­i­ties, both in – and out­bound
  • Internal gov­er­nance and com­pli­ance mat­ters
  • Marketing and sales of fi­nan­cial in­stru­ments and in­sur­ance
  • Agreements and dis­putes with­in the fi­nan­cial ser­vices sec­tor

The Banking and Finance prac­tice works close­ly to­geth­er with Hamilton’s oth­er prac­tices to en­sure that clients are of­fered sup­port and ad­vice on all le­gal as­pects, through one sin­gle con­tact. Hamilton al­so has well-es­tab­lished con­nec­tions with lead­ing law firms in Europe, the United States and oth­er re­gions. This makes it pos­si­ble to es­tab­lish multi­na­tion­al trans­ac­tion and ad­vi­so­ry teams in con­nec­tion with cross-bor­der fi­nance trans­ac­tions and fi­nan­cial mar­ket mat­ters.