Hamilton Uppdrag

Hamilton has acted for Swedish Hospital Partners

Hamilton has ac­ted for Swedish Hospital Partners AB (SHP) and its sha­re­hol­ders, Skanska and Innisfree, in con­nec­tion with the par­ti­al pre­pay­ment and re­fi­nan­ci­ng of its debt fa­ci­li­ti­es for the New Karolinska Solna pro­ject. The trans­ac­tion in­vol­ved ne­go­ti­a­tions with eight com­mer­ci­al banks and two go­vern­men­tal len­ding in­sti­tu­tions for the pre­pay­ment of cer­tain com­mer­ci­al len­ders, and a re­duc­tion in mar­gin from the re­mai­ning com­mer­ci­al len­ders.  In con­nec­tion with the re­fi­nan­ci­ng, the Stockholm County Council agreed to ma­ke a SEK 3 bil­li­on one-ti­me pay­ment to SHP un­der its pro­ject agre­e­ment which SHP ap­pli­ed to­wards the pre­pay­ment. The re­fi­nan­ci­ng will re­du­ce the fi­nan­ci­ng costs for the County Council by SEK 2.1 bil­li­on.

The New Karolinska Solna pro­ject was the first hos­pi­tal Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Sweden and one of the lar­gest hos­pi­tal PPPs in the world.  SHP was awar­ded the procu­re­ment contract in 2010 and com­ple­ted con­struc­tion in 2017.

The Hamilton team was led by part­ner Eric Halvarsson and se­ni­or as­so­ci­a­te Cristy Cross and sup­por­ted by as­so­ci­a­tes Sofi Lissman and Seyran Sahin.